Excel Charts - A Beginner's Guide!

Learn the basics of creating, editing and formatting Charts in Excel

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If you are newbie and know nothing about Excel charts, you might have found yourself in some / all of these problems

  • When your manager asks you to create a chart. It is a nightmare!
  • You have no clue how excel charts are created and edited
  • You are never able to get your head around different chart options
  • You tend to waste a ton of time while working with charts
  • The look and feel of your charts suck!

If any of these are familiar nightmares, you might want to get yourself up to speed with the fundamentals Excel Charting techniques

Just like you I saw a lot of people struggling..

So I thought of putting together the most essential charting tricks, hacks and features that will help you become really good at working with charts in Excel

What will you learn in this course?

This course is divided into 3 Parts

  1. Building Chart Selection Skills
    • Major types of charts in Excel
    • Picking up the right chart for different types of analysis
  2. Chart Options & Terminologies
    • Learning the correct terminologies that Excel used for Charts
    • Learning the different charting options (tools and tabs) available in Excel
  3. Charting Tricks and Formatting
    • Charting speed tricks to work a lot faster
    • Best chart formatting practices
    • How to pick the right colour for your charts

Don't worry this isn't a long course, you'll be able to finish the entire course in about 1 hour. You can actually revise this multiple times

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