Master Excel Step by Step

An easy to follow, step by step course to help you build rock solid skills in MS Excel

The nature of jobs has drastically changed. For most business functions its all about data and its analysis and no surprises, most of that analysis happens in Excel !

If you do anything remotely connected with Data and Analysis!
I can't stress it enough.. but to be successful you need to have solid Excel skills


Master Excel Step by Step

An easy to follow, step by step course to help you
build rock solid skills in MS Excel

Master Excel Step by Step is a well structured, 100% self paced online training program to make you learn the most important Excel concepts first and then take you to more advanced applications of Excel

Take a look at the Course Overview + How the course looks from inside!

The course is divided into 2 sections

  1. PART 1 - Building Essentials of Excel - The most important topics and concepts that will create the foundation of your learning
  2. PART 2 - Excel Advantage - These lessons will teach you to deal with more complexity in your spreadsheets and make them more dynamic & interactive

PART 1 : EXCEL ESSENTIALS - Contains the most important elements of Excel that you need for developing high productivity and create impactful spreadsheets at work

  • Module 1 : Speed Boosters in Excel
  • Module 2 : Applying Logical Formulas
  • Module 3 : Simple to Complex Lookups
  • Module 4 : Handling Date and Time
  • Module 5 : Cleaning and Managing Data
  • Module 6 : Data Analysis Techniques
  • Module 7 : Data Presentation
  • + 3 Intervention Videos

PART 2 : EXCEL ADVANTAGE - Contains more sophisticated elements of Excel that will give you an extra edge while performing more complicated tasks in Excel

  • Module 8 : Getting Started with VBA Macros
  • Module 9 : Advanced usage of Lookup Functions
  • Module 10 : Advanced Charting Techniques
  • Module 11 : Array Formulas
  • Module 12 : Advanced Pivot Table Concepts
  • Module 13 : Miscellaneous Excel Tools
  • + 1 Intervention Video

A detailed outline of what is covered in this course

So when you enroll, here is what you'll get

  1. One year access to the complete course - (65 + 32 Downloadable HD Videos)
  2. 4 Intervention Case Studies - Videos to explain Dashboards + Advanced Applications
  3. Exercises + Games + Quizzes - for a rich learning experience
  4. 100 + Excel Shortcuts & Productivity Guide and Tips to Master Excel Shortcuts
  5. A Video Library of 40+ Excel formulas + Excel Workbooks


What should you expect after completing the course?

"My goal is to make you functional in Excel" and by functional I mean that
  • You'll work with speed an efficiency in Excel
  • You'll become comfortable in applying logic and writing simple to complex formulas
  • You'll be able to crunch data and churn meaningful business reports in record time
  • And even make intermediate level Business Dashboards

Even if you are applying for a job and are put into an Excel test, you should be able to clear it with ease without any anxious butterflies dancing in your stomach :D

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts as soon as your payment is processed and you get an access to the course for 1 year! It is a completely self-paced online course
How comprehensive is the program ?
I have meticulously included all important aspects of Excel. There are nearly 100 video lectures that go in depth in explaining each concept thoroughly. Along with the videos you’ll also have an access to supplementary reading material + games and quizzes to give you a rich learning experience. Although Excel has no limits and I could keep on going till eternity but my objective is to effectively teach you the most important elements that make you really good at your everyday work!
What is the level of the course ? I am a beginner, should I join the course ?
The course creates a strong foundation from scratch to take you from a beginner level to an advanced level excel user. We first cover the basics and create a strong understanding of formulas, data analysis & presentation etc. and then move on to more complex and advanced lessons. I do not assume at any point that you must have prior knowledge about the concepts, so I have explained all the concepts (easy or complex) in a very simple, easy to understand manner. No Jargon! just conversational English
How much of my daily problems will be addressed during the course ?
I highly encourage you to ask your own problems & have also included a comments section for Q&As after each module. I believe that there is no point of learning excel where your real time problems do not get solved so please ask questions! I'll do my best to answer them
Will I get a certificate when I finish the course ?
Yes.. Absolutely! Once you complete the entire course, please send me an email and I'll send you a course completion certificate (pdf) within a week (or earlier)

Have More Questions?

Take a moment to please check out the detailed FAQs Page

I have finished some modules of this course and first impression is like 'WOW'.

It is very well structured and to the point. I really appreciate your effort and I am confident that once I am done with all the modules I would be better placed.

- Rahul Darji

Explains the concept in detail, makes sure that the learning is happening continuously and keeps training charm till the end. Content is to the point and provides step by step learning

- Abhijeet More

Your Instructor

Chandeep Chhabra
Chandeep Chhabra

Hi, my name is Chandeep! I am assuming that you already know me through my blog. But if you are new around here, let me give you some quick listicles about me

  • I stay in Gurgaon in India
  • I used to work as a Financial Analyst for an Investment Bank in Mumbai (India). Back in December 2013 I quit my full time job to start Goodly
  • Being an Analyst, Excel and PowerPoint were the 2 tools that I became really good at and Goodly is all about teaching people how to use these tools effectively
  • I now run a blog (www.goodly.co.in) which has over 400+ posts on practical use of Excel and PowerBI in real life business scenarios.

I have meticulously created this course to help you build solid data analysis skills. Since it is an online training program you can finish it on your own pace and convenience

There is just one strong recommendation -
Don't buy this course and then never use it! Be consistent in completing & practicing the lessons everyday and I promise you'll see surprising results for yourself

Chandeep has a great knowledge of Excel and his delivery style is perfect. It helped to solve a lot of problems in my routine work

- Gaurav Sharma

Chandeep is really an excel expert, his delivery style is awesome. Solved so many of my queries related to data in the training itself

- Reshma Nhavkar

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Try the course risk free and learn from it for 30 days. I can guarantee you that you'll start seeing the results right from the first week

If you still feel that you have not got enough value out of the course as promised, simply send me an email and ask for a refund. I will send you 100% of your money back, no hassles! We'll still be friends and you can still access all my free material

I am very confident of the value that my course delivers and you'll find it's worth a lot more than what you pay for it.

Get started now!

Most of my work involves working on data, automating it, publishing the reports and presenting it in as professional manner as possible

Enrolling in Chandeep's Course is one of the best investment I have ever made to hone my skills further

Shireen Rajan

MIS & Business Intelligence in an IT firm