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Chandeep Chhabra
Chandeep Chhabra

Hi, my name is Chandeep! I am assuming that you already know me through my blog. But if you are new around here, let me give you some quick listicles about me

  • I stay in Gurgaon in India
  • I used to work as a Financial Analyst for an Investment Bank in Mumbai (India). Back in December 2013 I quit my full time job to start Goodly
  • Being an Analyst, Excel and PowerPoint were the 2 tools that I became really good at and Goodly is all about teaching people how to use these tools effectively
  • I now run a blog (www.goodly.co.in) which has over 400+ posts on practical use of Excel and PowerBI in real life business scenarios.

I have meticulously created this course to help you build solid data analysis skills. Since it is an online training program you can finish it on your own pace and convenience

There is just one strong recommendation -
Don't buy this course and then never use it! Be consistent in completing & practicing the lessons everyday and I promise you'll see surprising results for yourself

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